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San Francisco, CA


Our Promise


While most jewelry stores and diamond brokers can easily recite the FOUR C’s of choosing a diamond, Joel is known for coining the innovative phrase — the FIVE C’s of diamond selection. This focus and commitment is just one of the many attributes that set Joel and L.A. Giacobbi apart from other jewelers..

CUT – is just about the shape of the stone, which can be round, emerald, pear, marquis, etc. It is about the execution of the cut and its proportions.

CARAT – is the weight of the stone, however many refer to carat as the size – which is true — on some level. If the stones are cut properly, they should look the same. However, you can have two different one-carat stones (which weigh the same) that look very different because they are cut differently – one flat/shallow and one deep. Joel always recommends the “IDEAL” cut which means the stone has been cut following the Tolkowsky accepted guidelines, created at the turn of the 20th Century.

COLOR – is the color or hues of color that are in the gems that make them more valuable and more beautiful. D,E,F is considered colorless and G,H,I,J is near colorless, etc.

CLARITY – is how the imperfections or blemishes are graded within the stone. This also includes blemishes that break the surface. Joel ranks the first FOUR C’s in this order based upon importance. Cut, carat and color can be seen with the naked eye, however clarity is the most difficult to see with the naked eye. Imperfections cannot be seen unless you are looking at the stone under a loop – and truly other than your jeweler, no one does that!

Joel’s Fifth C and maybe the most important is CONFIDENCE. Do you have confidence in the person who is teaching or telling you about the Four C’s that he knows what he’s doing and telling you the truth.


At L.A. Giacobbi, we guarantee to the best of our ability that all of our diamonds and gemstones originate from ethically and environmentally responsible sources. We also signed the Patriot Act and Kimberly Act and all of our associates have also signed these acts.