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Smart Watches Take Time By Storm

Kira Stackhouse

Smart watches (most notably the Apple Watch released in spring 2015) have hit the market with enormous hoopla. Millions of Apple watches were pre-sold even before they were available in stores, attracting paparazzi to those people lucky enough to get one.  Smart watches were predicted to change the world, not only in terms of the delivery of time, but also in how technology would infuse daily life. 

Why are smart watches so coveted? Smart watches are indeed dazzling tech toys that can do many things - things that you probably never even knew you needed or wanted. For example, it can keep track of the number of steps you take and the calories you burn during your daily trek to the office, it can tell you the temperature in various world cities, as well as event report the latest stock market trends. 

Smart watches have a simple, pleasing design for women and men alike. You can dress them up, dress them down, and even change the band’s color, material, and style. They can be worn as a fashion statement, a tech statement, or a status symbol. The smart watch has filled a unique gap between the computer and jewelry—it is wearable technology that functions, quite effectively, as both. 

Fads come and go, so don’t retire your classic watch just yet. [Fads come and go, but] The definition of a classic timepiece is that it is timeless; handed down from one generation to the next [one], never owned, merely safeguarded.The smartwatch definitely has a niche, but the classic timepiece will continue to carry on [proudly] as it has throughout history, never to be unseated by a time-telling electronic gadget. 

So have fun with your smart watch! Dress it up, show it off and let it open doors to new conversation with all its tricks. The Apple watch may be many things, but timeless is not one of them.